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What is Drimer?

Drimer is a new way of travelling. We bring travel creators the ability to offer trips to their audience, to followers like you. You can live the same experience that your well-known travel creator or influencer.

Behind this booking platform, there is Drimer, us. We are an online travel agency integrated with different suppliers of flights, stays, activities, car rentals, etcetera, to create the best customer travel experience at scale. When you book a trip, you book with us, and we generate all the necessary to travel. You get a voucher with all booked services to your email and we bring customer support 24/7.

So, you get both services in a single platform: help and recommendations coming from the travel creator, who will be available for you when you have any question about the itinerary and what to visit in each place, and from Drimer, who will support with any incidence you have before, during and after the trip.

Drimer Travel Creators

You get the companion of the Travel Creator.

You'll be able to get in touch with the Travel Creator who created this trip at any moment, to get insights about the destination. Who better that someone who stayed there?

Drimer Travel Creators

We close the gap between inspiration and transaction.

Before Drimer, you watched a TikTok video or Instagram reel, but was very difficult to book the experience. Now, you can book your lovely trip in just 3 clicks.

Drimer Travel Creators

A whole trip experience in a single place.

Where to stay, flights, activities, car rentals... We bring all the necessary to get the same trip as your well-known travel creator. Book at Drimer and follow creator recommendations, you'll have a unique trip experience.

Drimer Travel Creators

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