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How Drimer works.

It is as simple as you can see. You will configure your drimer profile and creator brand extremely fast. Just follow these 5 steps and let your creator career boost!

1. Sign up for free. Today!

Sign up absolutely for free and create your Drimer account. It's only 30 seconds and your new life as content and travel creator will just start.

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2. Configure your brand.

You can configure several aspects of your brand that will be used in different tools and features:

👉 Brand name
👉 Logo or main image (rounded or squared)
👉 Brand colors: primary and secondary
👉 Social network links

Drimer Travel Creators

3. Create your recommendations.

Create smartlinks with your own recommendations. Recommend a hotel where you had a great experience, an activity, a tour guide, or a complete trip and feature it in your wall.

Drimer Travel Creators

4. Promote your Drimer profile.

Share your Drimer profile link, or any smartlink you created in your social network's link in bio. If you use any other aggregator service like Linktr.ee, you can use it there, too! Just let your audience to know where it is, and that's all!

Drimer Travel Creators

5. Boost your revenues.

Just see how your revenues start boosting. Your audience can book any of your recommendations browsing your profile without leaving Drimer and your brand. Your brand will be always visible, and your earnings fair. The much you inspire, the much you earn.

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